American / U.S. Flags

American / U.S. Flags

We carry a variety of American / U.S. Flags.  We carry a variety of sizes as well as materials to suit your needs.

Nylon American Flags Great all weather flags, very durable and still lightweight enough to fly in a light breeze.  Nylon is the most popular material used for flags. 

2 Ply Polyester American Flags Very strong flags designed for high wind areas (hilltops, coastal areas, rooftops, etc).  These flags are made from a heavier weight material although it uses an open weave design to allow air to pass through and promote easy flying

Cotton American Flags Mainly used for historical looks.  We personally don't recommend Cotton flags to be flown outdoors for extended periods of time only because the maiterial isn't as durable as a Nylon or Polyester material.  A 2 Ply Polyester material looks similar to a cotton flag, but is much more curable and would be a better choice for an extended outdoor display.

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